Lexicon Omega Studio USB Audio Interface

by lexicon

The Lexicon Omega is the way to start recording today, whether you are a guitarist, keyboard player, vocalist, instrumentalist or an audio engineer. Omega supports 6 audio channels, up to 4 at one time, as well as MIDI and S/PDIF, so, you get all the connections you need to start recording your own music quickly. Once everything is connected, you have up to 32 stereo tracks to get it just right. Lexicon̢‰â‰ã¢s 30-year legacy of excellence in reverb can be found in the Pantheon reverb plug-in. With 35 presets and 6 different reverb types, Pantheon gives your mix that professional Lexicon sound found in studios world-wide. Lexicon Omega Studio Features 6 channels of 24-bit streaming audio via USB (4 record, 2 playback) Seven analog audio inputs Two XLR mic inputs with extremely low noise dbx preamps 20 dB Mic Pad Four 1/4 inch analog RF filtered TRS active-balanced line inputs One 1/4 inch ultra-Hi-Z analog instrument input Two 1/4 inch analog TRS servo-balanced, active line outputs

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