Korg Taktile 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Controller

by Korg

Korg Taktile 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Controller


The Korg Taktile features a stylish design that projects a sense of presence, together with the same great-feeling

semi-weighted keyboard that's used on synthesizers and music workstations such as the KingKORG and KROME.

It's loaded with functions that make it fun to play and use, such as a touch pad inherited from the Kaossilator that lets

you play melodies using just a single finger, trigger pads that let you generate chords in the key and scale of your choice

and an arpeggiator that includes rhythm patterns. Of course, the taktile also delivers the functionality that you expect from

a MIDI controller. It provides all of the basic controllers such as sliders and switches, and makes setup easy so you can start

producing music right away. Convenience is not the only attraction of the taktile; it's a MIDI controller that's full of features that

will stimulate your creativity. The taktile is designed for simplicity; connect it to your computer via a single USB cable and the

power turns on. It supports the major DAW/sequencer software (*2), and its easy setup lets you start creating music right away.

Controllers can be freely assigned, making the taktile a USB/MIDI controller that will meet all demands, from controlling a mixer

to editing your software synthesizers.


  • A full array of DAW presets and basic functionality; simply connect and start playing.
  • X/Y touch pad lets you create musical phrases within any plugin instantly -- with the touch of a single finger
  • Use the velocity-sensitive backlit trigger pads to easily enter chords or single notes
  • Semi-weighted keyboard with a great playing feel
  • X/Y touch pad can also be used as a track pad; ribbon selector offers left and right click

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