Korg Kaossilator Pro +

by korg

The Kaossilator series was the forerunner of unique instruments that made it easy for anyone to play musical melodies and phrases. The Kaossilator Pro, which appeared in 2010, was a highly-evolved model featuring a rich variety of sounds and loop recording functionality that made it not merely a live performance instrument, but also a track-making tool.2013 brings us to the upgraded Kaossilator Pro+. With additional new sound programs and drum sounds Kaossilator Pro+ has been supercharged to offer even more variety and exploration.Highlights: Freely playable synthesizer; simply touch the touchpad to play notes and manipulate sounds in real time ÌâåÊ A total of 250 sound programs (including drum program) cover a wide range of styles, including 62 new programs ÌâåÊ Loop Recording function allows intuitive performance and recording, and 4 infinitely stackable loop banks are available ÌâåÊ Numerous functions for unlimited performance possibilities ÌâåÊ Scale/Key settings make it

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