Pro X - EVA Nano DJ Controller Case for Numark

by ProX Cases

The ProX EVA Case is specifically made for the J2GO Numark Pocket Controller. The DJ2GO2 is a portable, pocket-sized DJ controller that goes with you everywhere and this ProX Lightweight case with reinforced molded EVA exterior, lined with a high-density foam padded interior and a tough zipper is the perfect compliment. This compact controller is so popular with mobile DJs as a backup unit or just used for small events. Either way, the case is for you.

For your equipment that needs protection, a thermoformed ProX EVA Case is an ideal solution. Due to its durability and rigidity, EVA cases offer a great alternative to hard plastic cases and road cases, without sacrificing protective properties. Our proprietary lamination process creates better adhesion of cover materials to the formed foam interior. Our Quality Control Team inspects all of our incoming raw materials and outbound finished products to ensure that there are zero defects.

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate is an incredible copolymer that serves multiple application purposes. Originally known for its use in shoes, EVA material is sometimes referred to as foam rubber. However, our thermoforming process allows us to utilize this material to create hardshell cases that are soft to the touch, and won't crack like plastics and have substantially less weight than traditional road cases. This means our customers get the protection and durability needed to protect their gear while also having a branded, aesthetically great looking case.

  • Reinforced Molded EVA Exterior
  • Lightweight (Only 1 Pound)
  • High-Density Foam Interior
  • Tough Zipper for easy opening/closing
  • Also fits many nano/compact sized devices
  • One year ProX Limited Warranty

ProX has been manufacturing road/flight cases since 1984 and is designed to protect your investment!

To Fit

This bag is designed to fit Micro-DJ Controllers, Drum pads, Mixers, and Other Nano USB/MIDI controlled devices.

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