Denon DJ MC7000 Serato DJ Controller / Digital Mixer with Dual USB

by Denon
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The Denon DJ MC7000 is a 4-channel Serato DJ controller and digital mixer with dual USB ports for connecting two computers simultaneously and is well suited for the mobile DJ or club DJ looking to the next evolution of Serato controllers. The dual USB interfaces enable two DJs to play back-to-back sets on their preferred DJ software or transition seamlessly without interruption.

The dual 6" touch-capacitive platters offer rotational LED displays, offering feedback to optimize track manipulation performance in real time. The MC7000 also incorporates dedicated Key Matching and Changing controls for harmonically matched musical keys, resulting in an enhanced audience and dance floor experience. The controller is Serato DJ DVS compatible, giving DJs the power to utilize digital sources with the elegance and accuracy of legacy vinyl control. The digital mixer also allows DJs to mix and match between digital and analog sources for a wide pallet of content and sound. Additional features include 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads, two microphone inputs, and XLR Master and Booth outputs. The Denon DJ MC7000 ships with a power adapter, USB cable, and a software download card.

General Features

  • 4-channel DJ controller with digital mixer
  • Each channel features 3-band EQ and HP/LP filters
  • Dual USB audio interfaces—connect 2 computers at once
  • 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads
  • New dedicated key-matching and changing controls
  • Solid 6" touch-capacitive platters with tracking LEDs
  • 2 mic inputs with dedicated controls
  • XLR booth and master connections
  • Serato DJ DVS-compatible
  • Solid compact design

Includes Serato DJ Pro and 3 Expansion Packs

  • Serato P’NT [Pitch ‘n Time] Expansion
    • Grab a cue point and ‘play’ it up ‘n down in musical key
    • Use the MC7000’s ‘single press’ encoder to instantly match the key signatures of your tracks to create a beautifully harmonic mixing.
  • Serato Flip Expansion
    • Remix your tracks either live ‘on-the-fly’, or prepare them in advance with special edits.
  • Serato Video
    • Enables video transitions, in-depth FX blending, and integrate custom promotional graphics.
    • Add custom visuals to existing video files in your library for the ultimate visual expression.

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