Cerwin-Vega CVE Series 12" Powered Loudspeaker

by Cerwin-Vega
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Cerwin-Vega CVE Series 12" Powered Loudspeaker

The Cerwin Vega CVE-12 powered Loudspeaker features 1000 watts of Class D Power, a 12" woofer, and a 1" exit high-frequency compression driver. Besides the 2 Combo XLR/TRS Inputs and one XLR output, there are 5 easy-to-use DSP driven Modes to tailor your sound. In addition, each CVE speaker allows audio streaming via Bluetooth from any smartphone or tablet, mono or even stereo paired. The lightweight polymer enclosure design combined with 126dB of headroom, makes the CVE-12 the ideal solution for live applications, mobile DJs, houses of worship, clubs, restaurants, conference rooms, and more.

Even though the CVE series is driven by advanced DSP and loaded with technology, the simplified yet effective control panel allows for a quick, efficient setup. There is no complicated display, dial-knob, or endless menus to scroll through. Just access all controls with the push of a button to tailor your sound to the environment and your taste. Stream audio from any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, in mono or stereo paired mode. The CVE Series is ideal for gigs where portability is paramount, or a lightweight, integrated audio solution is essential. With 3 full-range Polymer enclosure tops and one 18" Plywood subwoofer, the 1000 Watt Class D Amplifier delivers professional, accurate sound with exceptional clarity, wide dispersion, rich bass, and plenty of headroom when the party gets hot. Listen for yourself to Cerwin Vega's 65 years of experience.


- 1000 Watt Class D Amplifier for cool, reliable operation
- 5 selectable Sound Settings on all tops to fit any environment
- Thermal protection circuitry keeps you going when the party gets hot
- Universal switching power supply 100/110/240V, 50/60 Hz
- 2-channel Neutrik combo line/mic inputs
- Proprietary CV Loud Limiter to prevent distortion
- Bluetooth pairing and wireless linkage
- 90-degree wide dispersion coverage

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