Canned Heat - Remember Woodstock - Vinyl LP

by Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records
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Canned Heat’s “Remember Woodstock” - the super limited edition and first-time vinyl collection featuring rare live tracks covering various concerts during their epic five-decade history.

Hand-picked “Woodstock era” tracks from Canned Heat’s own Fito de la Parra, this pressing is limited to 1,000 units on stunning translucent red vinyl and housed in a very unique die-cut can-shaped cover, pressed on silver foil board.

Side One 1. Remember Woodstock (remix originally on “Internal Combustion” 2. I’m Her Man (from “Remember Woodstock”) 3. Goin’ Up The Country (from “Live Heat ’86”) 4. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (from “Burnin’ ) 5. On The Road Again (from “Live Heat ’72”)

Side Two 1. Let’s Work Together (from “Live at Turku”) 2. Shake ‘N Boogie (from “Live Heat’ 72”)

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