AUDIO INNOVATE Mini InnoFader DUO Replacement Fader

by InnoFader
The mini Innofader duo makes upgrading more affordable than ever. With two - yes two! - mini Innofaders in a single package, you can swap your Z2 channel faders. Or you can use one and still have a spare mini innoFADER to keep you up and running!

Works as a replacement for the following:

TR-1S crossfader
Akai AMX crossfader
Hercules RMX2 crossfader
All DJ-Tech DIF crossfaders
All Epsilon Inno-MIX crossfaders
TRX channel faders and crossfader
Traktor Z2 channel faders and crossfader
All Reloop RMX and Terminal Mix crossfaders
All American Audio MXR and VMS crossfaders

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