Audio Innovate INNOFADER PNP2 Replacement Crossfader

by Audio Innovate
Welcome to the ultimate combination of simplicity and second generation performance. The innoFADER PNP2 is the latest version of the PNP and offers the following to give you the ultimate scratch:
• 1msec response
• 0.1mm cut in / out overlap
• Separate left / right cut point adjustments 0.0mm to 2.6mm
• Simple reversible cable hookup
• Full range curve adjust
• Tension Control
• Output reverse, cut point fine tuning, and X/Y presets
• External adjustability using the innoJUSTER
The crossfader is at the very heart of the DJing experience. So why do so many mixers come with faders that feel like an afterthought? The feel of the crossfader is as important as any other feature of your mixer, so you deserve to have the best at your fingertips.

The Audio Innovate innoFADER PNP2 has been designed to completely change the way you feel about the crossfader. Having studied the habits and requirements of today's DJs, the innoFADER PNP2 offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you just don't find in other crossfaders.

So thanks to the innoFADER PNP2, you'll no longer need to be less than satisfied with the stock fader in your mixer. Buy the innoFADER PNP2 today and change your DJ life forever.

• Lower cost long body fader
• IMPROVED over PNP to match Pro2 performance
• > 4 million cycles
• Plug and play in most VCA mixers
• Long body construction
• Adjustable tension
• Quick and easy calibration
• Ultra precise +/- 0.05mm cut accuracy
• Left/Right Cut and full curve dial adjustments
• Simple reversible cable hookup
• Reverse, cut point fine tuning, and X/Y presets

Compatible With:
• Allen & Heath Xone:23, Xone:23C, Xone:43, Xone:43C, Xone:96, Xone:DB2 and Xone:DB4
• American Audio 10MXR, 14MXR and 19MXR
• Audio Innovate AEM-100/I
• Behringer DDM-4000
• Denon DJ DN-X1600, DN-X1700, DN-X1800, DN-X1850, DN-X600, X-1500 and X-1500S
• DJ Tech DIF-1M CF, DIF-1S CF, DIF-1W CF, DIF-2S MKI/MKII CF, DIF-4S and Handy Kutz CF
• Korg Zero 4
• Mixars Cut and Duo
• Numark 5000Fx, DXM-01USB, DXM-06, DXM-09, DXM-PRO, PPD-9000, PPD01, Scratch, SM-1, X1USB, X5, X6 and X9
• Pioneer DDJ-SZ, DDJ-SZ2, DJM-800 and DJM-850
• Rane Empath
• Rodec Scratchbox
• Stanton SA-3, SA-8, SK-1F, SK-2F, SK-4F, SK-6F and SMX-401
• Thud Rumble TR-1S CF and TR-2S CF
• Urei 1601
• Vestax PMC-05 Pro A,SL,I,II,III CF
• Vestax PMC-06 Pro A,I,II,III CF
• Vestax PMC-07 Pro A,I,II,III CF
• Vestax PMC-08, PMC-37, PMC-46 MKII and PMC-580
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