Arturia SparkLE Creative Drum Machine

by Arturia

A Spark Drum for Your Compact Rig!

Arturia's SparkLE drum machine hooks you up with the same awesome groove-making power as the original Spark, but with a more streamlined user interface and smaller, more portable footprint. Fueled by the same software and soundset as the Spark, SparkLE provides you with an incredible range of samples, synthesis, and physical modeling that you can use to create killer beats on your Mac or PC. And thanks to its smart and intuitive hardware layout, you'll be laying down grooves with Arturia's SparkLE in no time.

Arturia SparkLE Hybrid Drum Machine at a Glance:

  • Powerful combination of hardware and software


  • Fast groove creation
  • Tons of sounds

Powerful combination of hardware and software

Arturia's SparkLE gives you nearly the same hands-on experience as the original Spark. Sacrificing only a handful of encoders and an onboard display for the kind of portability that makes incorporating SparkLE into your performance rig painless. With a near one-to-one correspondence between its hardware controller and its dedicated groove-production software, SparkLE keeps you focused on the music and your hand off the mouse.

Fast groove creation

The intuitive layout of the SparkLE drum machine makes it fast and easy to take a moment of inspiration and turn it into a powerful musical masterpiece. And don't let the term "drum machine" fool you, SparkLE has tons of Arturia's synth sounds and instrument samples to add the icing on your groovy cake.

Tons of sounds

SparkLE gives you more than 180 drum kits and 1,900 instrument and synth sounds that cover everything from well-behaved acoustic sounds to mind-bending electronic weirdness. Whatever kind of music you make, SparkLE has the sounds you want plus new ones to inspire you.

Arturia SparkLE Hybrid Drum Machine Features:

  • A compact, more streamlined version of the original Spark


  • Powerful combination of hands-on control and custom software make groove production easy
  • Includes the same sounds, software, and primary features as Spark
  • A perfect choice for digital DJs and producers working out of smaller studios
  • Intuitive controller layout with rock-solid construction gives you a real hardware experience
  • Tons of high-quality drum and instrument sounds cover virtually every musical genre
  • Pads are velocity- and pressure-sensitive letting you perform with more expression than ever before
  • Touch-sensitive FX pad puts amazing effects like tape delay, reverse, filter, and more right under your fingers
  • Real-time automation for all parameters lets you tweak your sounds beyond what's humanly possible in real time
  • Requires included groove-production software - no standalone operation

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