Arturia - SPARK LE Creative Drum Machine

by Arturia

Product Highlights

  • 8-Pad Mini Controller
  • Spark Software
  • 3 Sound Engines
  • Vintage Drum Machines
  • Acoustic and Electronic Kits
  • Standalone, Audio Units, RTAS, VST
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8

SparkLEåÊis a hybrid instrument fromåÊArturiaåÊthat combines the sounds, work flow and creative tools of the Spark Engine software with a hardware controller. It takes the best elements from a wide variety of vintage analog drum machines, sample based beat boxes and physical modeling, and delivers a modern beat station with synthesis and expressive control.

The package integrates classic "TR"-style step sequencing with real-time beat making. Sixteen sequencer buttons allow for quick sequencing while acting as a visual reference. Patterns can have up to sixty-four steps. Or rhythms can be recorded in real-time using the two banks of eight velocity and pressure sensitive backlit pads, either quantized or free form.

The touch-sensitive XY Pad offers real-time performance effects for transforming beats. A global filter allows for processing an entire mix through an 8-mode filter. The Slicer provides beat slicing, reverse playback, deep Tape drop effects, Strobe, beat sync pans, bit crushers, and more. An advanced Looper acts on the pattern position itself, and allows repeating sections of a pattern at the press of a button.

Three assignable encoders work with the currently selected sound, controlling functions like pitch, instrument filter cutoff and resonance, insert effect parameters, as well as the other synthesis parameters in each engine. The divide and move functions allow for setting the size and position of the loop within a pattern, and shifting these in real-time helps create new and interesting beats.

The software mixer provides a familiar interface for controlling the level, pan, insert effects and sends of instruments. Each of these parameters can be automated in the software or controlled via the assignable encoders on the controller. Each track of the step sequencer has fifteen parameters per instrument that can be automated plus full automation of all the insert effects parameters for that instrument. Fourteen digital effects provide further sonic manipulation.

It is a simple matter to organize all the newly created patterns into a song. The song mode allows for chaining patterns in any order. Simply enter song mode, and drag and drop the patterns required, one by one. For further editing, the usual copy, paste, insert, and delete functions allow more detailed sculpting.

Hardware Controller
  • Two banks of eight pads, backlit and velocity and pressure sensitive
  • Real-time programming from the pads
  • User assignable encoders
  • Touch-sensitive FX pad
  • Mode selector - Bank, Pattern, Seq, Tune
  • Looper Divide/Move function
  • Classic "TR style" programming
  • MIDI mode for use as a controller with any software
  • Small, portable, solid construction
  • USB input
  • Bus powered, class compliant
  • Kensington Lock
  • Protective travel sleeve
Spark Software
  • Full-featured Spark software
  • Three synthesis engines - virtual analog, physical modeling, sample playback
  • Library of over 1,500 instruments and over 100 kits expandable with Arturia add-ons
  • FX Pad with 8-mode filter, tape, reverse, strobe, bit crusher, pan, mix, roller and latch mode
  • Advanced Loop mode with divide and move functions
  • Sixteen-track mixer
  • Fourteen effects including multi-band compressor, reverb, sub generator, destroyer, bit crusher, multi-band EQ, chorus, delay, distortion, phaser, plate reverb, flanger, space pan and limiter
  • Import REX and Standard MIDI files
  • Export of patterns via drag and drop
  • Export Standard MIDI files or render audio as WAV files of individual patterns
  • Export full project files to share with other SparkLE users
  • MIDI Control Center software for remapping all buttons, knobs and pads
  • Templates for using SparkLE as a controller for Ableton Live and Reason
  • Sixteen assignable outputs within the host software
  • Functions standalone or as an Audio Units, RTAS or VST plug-in
Modeled Electronic Drum Machines
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • Roland TR-707
  • Roland TR-606
  • EMU Drumulator
  • LinnDrum
  • Oberheim DMX
  • Korg KPR 77
  • Sequential Circuits Drumtraks
  • Simmons SDS-V
  • Roland CR78/Acetone Rhythm Ace
  • Korg DDM-110
  • Korg DDM-220
  • Yamaha RX5
  • Casio RZ1
  • Linn 9000

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