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American DJ Ultra Hex Par 3 30W LED Fixture

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American DJ Ultra Hex Par3 Overview

The Ultra Hex Par 3 30W LED Fixture from American DJ is a versatile LED par fixture with 3 x 10W, 6-in-1 Hex LEDs. With a 40° beam angle, users may produce wide washes with smooth color mixing from 63 built-in color macros utilizing red, green, blue, amber, white, and UV LEDs. This fixture is not only suitable for lighting stages but also works well for lighting up a venue, thanks to its power and DMX connectors.

The fixture includes 5 DMX modes, 5 operational modes, 5 dimming curves, a 4-button DMX menu with digital display, and offers flicker-free operation. Up to 20 units can be daisy chained via the built-in IEC I/O power connectors. The dual yoke allows fixture to be hung or set on the ground. A gel frame is included with the fixture for optional diffusion filters.

Wash fixture with 3 x Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, and UV LED pixels
Smooth RGBAW + UV color mixing
Suitable for architectural wall wash or for performance stages where traditional stage lighting emit a lot of heat on performers
Intelligently designed power & DMX I/O sit sideways so that the unit can be set flat on the ground or set inside truss
5 DMX Modes: 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12 channel modes
5 Operational Modes: Static Color, Dimmer, Auto Run, Sound Active, and DMX Controlled
Flicker-free operation (No flickering on camera)
63 built-in color macros
5 selectable dim curves (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural, and Theater)
LED pulse and strobe effect
40° beam angle
4-button DMX digital display on rear panel
Compatible with American DJ RFC wireless remote control (sold separately)
Dual yoke allows fixture to be hung or set on the ground
Data linkable via 3-pin XLR cables
Power linkable (daisy chainable) via IEC power cables (20 Ultra Hex Par 3 units maximum)
Built-in automatic voltage switch auto senses the voltage when it is plugged into the power source
Includes a gel frame for optional diffusion filters