American DJ Tri-Color LED Jelly Cosmos Ball

by american dj

The New Jelly Cosmos Tri colored LED dual rotating balls which rotate on the base and heads while changing color to the beat of the music. Great centerpiece effect light bright with large coverage area. Variable speed. New twist on a old school favorite! SPECIFICATIONS:  Easy-to-use dual rotating balls produces 60 sound activated beams that change color and strobe to the sound of music 2-FX-IN-1: Glowing transparent case + sharp RGB beams of light 6x 3-watt 3-in-1 RGB “TRI Color” LEDs produces a variety of color effects Variable speed knob to adjust Beam Angle: 360 degrees Led Strobe effect Run all night – no duty cycle - Power consumption: 18W Long life LEDs (50,000 hr. rating) Rotation: Variable up to 35 RPM Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz Dimensions (LxWxH): 337.9 x 134 x 254mm

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