American DJ Mister Kool II

by American DJ

Product Highlights

  • 700W Water-Based Fog Machine
  • Fog Output 3000 ft/minute
  • 8 Minutes of Continuous Operation
  • 3-Minute Warm-Up Time
  • 25.6 oz Gallon Fluid Tank
  • Manual, Continuous, Time-Controlled
  • Control Duration and Interval
  • Includes ADJ VFTR13 Remote & 12' Cable
  • Lightweight (at 19 lb), Compact Design
  • Includes Plastic Water-Collection Bag

American DJ Mister Kool II Overview

American DJ Mister Kool II is a second-generation fog machine which uses ice cubes and water-based fog juice to create low-lying fog, and add dramatic, atmospheric effects for your light shows in small- to medium-sized clubs or venues.

Mister Kool II features a powerful 700W heater, a generous 25.6 oz tank, and a chiller box that stores 4 lb of cubed ice. The unit warms up within 3 minutes and is capable of rapidly diffusing fog at a rate of 3000 ft/minute. The included wired remote is equipped with a 12' cable. It lets you operate the machine in manual, continuous, or time-controlled mode. In timer mode, Two potentiometers allow you to set the duration and interval of fogging.

A drainage system with a valve, plastic hose, and plastic water-collection bag can be used to empty the machine of melted ice. Compact and lightweight (at 19 lb), Mister Kool II is easy to store and transport with its integrated carry handle and robust metal construction.

What's New with Mister Kool II
  • More powerful heater (700W)
  • Increased output: up to 3000 ft/minute
  • Warm-up time only 3 minutes
  • Larger 25.6 oz fluid tank
Key Features
  • Uses water-based fog fluid and ice cubes to rapidly create cool, low-lying fog
  • Up to 8 minutes of continuous operation on a single tank
  • Chiller box stores 4 lb of cubed ice
  • Includes ADJ VFTR13 timer remote, with 12' cable
  • Manual, continuous, time-controlled fogging
  • Set the duration and interval when timer mode is in operation
  • Includes water drainage system with valve, plastic hose, plastic water-collection bag
  • Lightweight (at 19 lb) and compact design easy to store and transport with integrated carry handle and robust metal construction

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