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American DJ Micro Star

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Lasers have taken over the party scene by force and show no signs of leaving anytime soon, in fact they are only growing in popularity at parties, clubs, festivals and shows alike. Luckily for you ADJ offers an affordable option for the DJ at home or on the  road. The Micro Star offers a wide range of exciting features that are sure to impress your crowd. It's so lightweight and easy to use you'll have no trouble taking it from gig to gig and getting it set up quickly. Party goers will be dancing and having the time of their life when you have lasers of this caliber synchronized with your music. DJing and entertaining is about more than just the music, it's about incorporating all the senses into the entire experience. With the Micro Star incorporated into your entertainment system you'll be on the forefront of mobile light show production with capabilities that will impress more than just your friends. Light up every night with the Micro Star laser light from ADJ.