American DJ Jelly Cosmos Ball Dual Rotating Effect Light

by american dj
The ADJ Jelly Cosmos Dual Rotating Color Balls give Disco a whole new meaning. The 70s club owners wish they had this bad boy in their light show arsenal. The Jelly Cosmos Ball produces multi-colored sharp means of light that will put the old school disco balls to shame. An entire light show in their own right, this is a must for any party or dance event. With the two balls being transparent themselves they will give you an exciting effect on their own, add to that the rotating beams of light and you have the party starting with or without adding more fixtures.

With a variable speed adjustment to change the speed of rotation you can create a frantic techno atmosphere or and flashy disco vibe. What could be called an old school lighting effect is changed to a futuristic party monster that brings pure lighting excitement to any party. Dance the night away in a variety of color effects and don't worry about overheating, this baby has no duty cycle and a long life LED, so you don’t have to worry about anything but the dance moves on the floor catching fire.

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