Gang Starr - Hard to Earn (LP)

by Virgin Records US
Coming soon!
Gang Starr: Guru (rap vocals); DJ Premier (scratches). Gang Starr Foundation: Jeru The Damaja, Big Shug, Lil Dap, Melachi The Nutcracker (rap vocals). Recorded at D&D Recording, New York, New York. On its much-anticipated fourth release, Brooklyn's Gang Starr exhibits the growth and maturity of true professionals, representing hip-hop (not just rap) with an insightful, original perspective on street life and neck-snapping beats that up the ante on creativity. Never compromising its street credibility and respect for commercial hits and mass appeal, this duo has always stuck to the formula most prized in hip-hop: realism. Once again, Gang Starr's commitment to the art form has paid off in an album that is simultaneously innovative, soulful, and slammin'.

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