Hudson Hi-Fi rubber mat

by Hudson HiFi
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  • Upgrade or replace any existing felt, rubber or OEM turntable platter mat
  • Compatible with all turntables. Use on all standard platters, conforming to the turntables spindle
  • Designed to RIAA specifications in NY by Hudson Hi-Fi, incorporating non-slip grooves and label recess to ensure records stay flat on the mat for optimal playback.
  • Manufactured from a proprietary silicone rubber composite, providing a 12‰۝ flat, scratch and slip resistant surface

Turntable mat upgradesåÊprovide a significant improvement to record sound quality. As the single point of contact between a record and turntable platter; mats are an effective way to enhance your turntable playback experience. Platter mats absorb micro-vibrational energy in a unique way, ultimately enabling a stylus to make improved contact with the grooves on a record.åÊ

Designed to RIAA specificationsåÊ
Designed in New York by Hudson Hi-Fi to the strictest audiophile standards. The platter mat incorporates non-slip groves and a label recess to ensure records stay flat on the mat for optimal playback.åÊ

Universal: Compatible with all TurntablesåÊ
Easily place this turntable mat on all standard platters. The mat conforms to your turntables spindle.åÊ

Pair with popular brands such as: Rega, Pro-Ject, Fluance, Music Hall and more.

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