Hudson Hi-Fi BigBen Record Weight Stabilizer | Black Matte | Made in NY

by Hudson HiFi

Product description

The BigBen record stabilizer clamp provides the ideal level of contact between the record and platter, holding the record flat and stable while playing.åÊ
The weight has an ergonomic form, and is precision machined from an aluminium alloy. The record weight was designed for use with with any brand of turntable.åÊ
Proudly designed and manufactured in America by Hudson Hi-Fi.åÊ
3" wide X 1.5" high

  • Sound improvement for all turntables
  • Ergonomic shape provides easy accident free handling
  • Can be used with ANY turntable
  • Reduces resonance, vibration, and improves sound quality
  • Metal construction and exquisite finish makes it exceptionally durable

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