Serato X Thud Rumble Weapons of Wax #1 (Spike)

by Serato
Turntable martial artists had better get into training to ensure they are battle-ready because Thud Rumble‰۪s warriors, in
conjunction with Serato‰۪s (nerdy) master craftsmen have forged some crucial new tools for your armory: The Weapons of Wax.
These mythical tools are precision engineered to defeat foes whether you‰۪re facing off against the Claw Hands, Flying Guillotines, or
the final showdown with the Big Boss.
These objects of DJ desire (and terror) contain Thud Rumble‰۪s battle tools and loops, and the flip has the Serato control tone lone
DJ swordsmen have come to rely upon. What‰۪s your style?
Very Limited, secure yours today!

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