Reloop KUT Digital Battle Fx Mixer with InnoFader

by Reloop

Digital Battle FX Mixer with innoFADER

Reloop KUT is a digital 2-channel battle mixer that was tailor-made for turntablists and scratch artists. Armed with Audio Innovate's acclaimed innoFADER, KUT supplies you with smooth operation and unmatched cutting precision. Integrated effects are on hand to inject your performances with dynamics and excitement, along with a 3-band EQ for sound shaping. Benefit from quality 24-bit/96kHz recording, thanks to KUT's built-in high-speed USB audio interface. A comprehensive array of I/O provides plenty of room for your mic, turntables, and other sound sources. Beyond that, KUT is a breeze to navigate, thanks to its visually separated panel layout. KUT boasts an eye-catching brushed black aluminum and metallic gold finish.


Smooth-feeling innoFADER supplies precise cutting

KUT is loaded with Audio Innovate's acclaimed innoFADER. This next-generation crossfader employs a revolutionary no-contact design with buttery smooth operating tension for perfect scratching. Beyond that, its the unmatched accuracy of its calibration ensures ultra-precise cutting. The innoFADER's crossfader and linefader curves are completely customizable, so you can tailor them to your personal preferences. It even includes a crossfader reverse function for hamster-style scratching! Complete with a solid steel 8mm fader stem to withstand punishment from aggressive scratching, KUT's innoFADER is built to last and will perform smoothly in even the harshest DJ environments.


Add 7 Built-in effects to your performance

Creative mixing is easy with KUT, by virtue of its integrated effects. With phase/flange, white noise, a lowpass/highpass filter, and gate/crush on tap, you're sure to deliver dynamic and exciting performances. KUT's on/off function toggles the effects, while large easy-grip knob caps supply you with satisfying resistance and green status LEDs provide you with at-a-glance feedback if an effect is active. On top of that, KUT gives you a 3-band EQ with switchable classic/isolator modes.


Great-sounding 8-in/6-out USB Audio Interface

Capture excellent 24-bit/96kHz sound directly to your Mac or PC with KUT's built-in 8-in/6-out USB audio interface. Thanks to KUT's flexible connectivity, incoming audio from a turntable, CD player, or the mixer's combined master output can be piped straight into your recording software of choice. You can also use KUT as a hardware mixer with DVS systems that allow for freely configurable audio interface support. The DJs here at Sweetwater are impressed with the versatility offered by Reloop KUT.

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