Pioneer DJ Bundle - CDJ-900NXS x2, DJM-750MK2, FZCDJDIA, FZ12MIXDIA

by Pioneer
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This Bundle includes:

2 x Pioneer DJ CDJ-900NXS 

1 x Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 

2 x  Odyssey Innovative Designs Silver Diamond Plate ATA Flight Zone Case

1 x  Odyssey Innovative Designs FZ12MIXDIA Silver Diamond Plated 12" Wide DJ Mixer Flight Zone Case (Silver)

Pioneer DJ CDJ-900 nexus Overview

Building upon the success of the original CDJ-900, the Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus - Professional Multi Player is a CD, USB, and Wi-Fi enabled audio deck capable of playing WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC files. The unit features a 24-bit / 96 kHz professional-quality DAC processor, the Pro DJ Link system, wireless functionality, and a full color LCD display.

The media player has a front-loading CD drive, which can read manufactured audio CDs as well as CD-R/RWs. External storage devices, such as flash drives, connect to the USB type-A port on the top panel. The CDJ can utilize these sources without any assistance from a computer.

The Pro DJ Link system allows up to four decks to be linked together over LAN cables to share audio sources. Music from a hard drive or USB flash device can be cued up and remotely played from any deck in the array.

One touch tempo-sensing looping functions enable quick beat-matching during live DJ sets. The CDJ can also transmit MIDI signal from its back panel USB type-B connection, which allows control of third party DJ software from a laptop. The built-in HID technology often eliminates the need for a control disc.

  • Enhanced Track Info: The large, full-color LCD screen shows all the info you need, including Wave Zoom, beat countdown, phase meter, key analysis indicator and more
  • Be Prepared: Fully compatible with the free rekordbox music management software to help you manage your music, prepare tracks and deliver a smooth performance
  • Wi-Fi Music: Wirelessly connect to rekordbox to play your music from your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet (a wired connection to an optional wireless LAN router required)
  • Advanced Connectivity: With Pro DJ Link you can connect multiple players, turntables or laptops via LAN connection and share a single source. Combine this with rekordbox to access pre-prepared loops and cues, sync the beat with the master deck, and access a host of advanced pro-DJ features
  • Slip Mode: Keep tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place
  • Beat Perfect: Quantize snaps cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid for a reliable performance every time
  • Slice It, Dice It: Slice up the beat and roll it around in a loop with the Beat Divide buttons, or combine them with Slip Mode to activate Slip Loop, so the track instantly comes back in at the right place when you release the button
  • USB Playback: Play your MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files stored on USB devices
  • Professional Sound: Pro-quality audio circuitry comes as standard, with a built-in 24-bit/48 kHz soundcard and new IEC connection for a powerful sound even at club volumes
  • rekordbox dj: You can use this product to control the optional rekordbox dj software. rekordbox dj is a rekordbox Plus Pack that unleashes performance features including Hot Cues, Sampler, Slicer, Sound Color FX, Beat FX, Beat Jump and Pad FX
  • TRAKTOR PRO 2: This unit supports USB-HID control of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR PRO 2 DJ software, so you don't need a control disk
  • Serato DJ: This unit supports USB-HID control of Serato Audio Research's Serato DJ software without using a control disk
  • MIDI Controller: This device is fully MIDI assignable via USB. Send control information to external devices and use the unit as a MIDI controller
  • Active Loop: Use rekordbox to set automatic loops at the end of your tracks so you never get caught unprepared again
  • Creative Freedom: Automatically beat match up to 4 decks playing tracks analyzed in rekordbox, leaving you free to focus on adding your unique mark on the mix
  • Always in Tune: Master Tempo lets you adjust a track’s tempo without affecting its pitch, keeping it more faithful to the original

The Pioneer DJM-750MK2 is a professional DJ mixer, which inherits key features and design elements from the DJM-900NXS2, and is well suited for professional mobile DJs, nightclub installations, recording studios, and more. The mixer features a 4-channel layout, and an integrated USB soundcard with support for up to 4 stereo channels of 24-bit/48 kHz audio.

The mixer features Pioneer's Sound Color, Beat, and Frequency effects. There are four inputs for turntables, and four line-level inputs for digital decks. Additional features include a USB Type-B port for connecting a computer, and a USB Type-A top-mounted connector that supports iOS devices for use with synthesizers, samplers, and FX apps, such as Pioneer's optional RMX-1000 for iPad. An independent Send & Return section allows for external effects to be used simultaneously with the internal effects. The DJM-750MK2 ships with a power cord, a USB cable, and a key activation card for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs.

Professional Layout

  • Mixing on the DJM-750MK2 feels instinctive thanks to the layout design with 4 channels, and a display that draws on traits from the DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer, allowing you to practice in club conditions

Pro FX with Detailed Control

  • Add texture and flair to your mixes with professional FX inherited from the DJM-900NXS2. Two effects units combine Sound Color FX, and Beat FX including FX Frequency, which gives you the freedom to be creative with sound while always in control
    • Beat FX: Add Delay, Echo, Ping Pong, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch, Roll, Vinyl Brake, and Helix in sync with the BPM
    • FX Frequency: Choose which frequency range you want to apply FX to; you can add echo to the vocals, for example, or double the rhythm of the hi-hat at the touch of a button
    • Sound Color FX: 6 studio-quality sound FX — Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise, and Space — are available on every channel. Use the parameter control knob to fine-tune the FX

Independent Send / Return

  • Choose from Aux or Insert send/return to connect different types of FX units on iOS devices such as FX apps, synthesizers and samplers, and combine them with the mixer’s internal FX. A simple connection via USB will ensure high-quality sound
    • Insert Send/Return: Use the Insert send/return to replace the original sound with the effected sound from the external hardware
    • Aux Send/Return: The Aux send/return gives you the option to route the effected sound to a separate channel, and mix it with the original sound

Professional Sound Quality

  • Whether you’re playing with digital or analog sources, high-quality sound is created by the 64-bit digital signal processor, dithering technology, 32-bit A/D/A converters

Smooth EQ and Faders

  • The EQs and channel faders on the DJM-750MK2 feature curves equivalent to those on the DJM-900NXS2, which also inspired the Magvel cross fader. The latter is smooth, accurate, and durable for more than 10 million movements, and its cut lag has been improved for more assured and responsive performance

Bundled rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs

  • A rekordbox dj license key is bundled with the mixer. Simply activate your license key for the DJ software, connect an optional controller, and start DJing
  • A license key for rekordbox dvs is also included in the box for low-latency scratching with CDJs and XDJs. Or play and scratch with tracks from your rekordbox library using analog turntables, and the optional control vinyl

Two Headphone Outputs

  • The DJM-750MK2 lets you plug both an 1/4" stereo jack and 3.5-mm mini jack. Pick your size or attach 2 headphones when playing back-to-back

Flexible Connectivity

  • The XLR terminal and gold-plated RCAs deliver premium sound quality on all connections, and the signal GND terminal easily attaches ground wires from analogue turntables

Independent Mic Section

Use a microphone independently of the channel input

Odyssey Innovative Designs FZCDJDIA Overview

The Silver Diamond Plate ATA Flight Zone Case from Odyssey protects your large format tabletop CD/digital media player with 3/8" plywood construction and a foam-lined interior. The plywood is encased in a silver diamond metal case which not only provides extra durability but also gives your case a stylish finish. The removable lid can be used as a base to make usage easier for taller DJs or on lower surfaces. The V-Cut front access panel and bottom ventilation let you keep the player in the case even during use. The bottom ventilation keeps air circulating thereby preventing overheating while in use.

Silver Diamond Plate Exterior
Fully Foam-Lined Interior
Includes Player Width Adjustment Strips
Removable Front Access V-Cut Panels
Bottom Ventilation/Storage Pits
Stacking Ball Corners
Heavy-Duty Recessed Handle & Latches
Durable 3/8" Ply Construction
Removable Cable Cover
Rear and Bottom Cable Port Hole

Odyssey Innovative Designs FZ12MIXDIA Overview

The silver FZ12MIXDIA Silver Diamond Plated 12" Wide DJ Mixer Flight Zone Case from Odyssey Innovations Designs is an ATA 300 rated case that combines functionality with style in a professional case designed to withstand the rigors of a DJ's on-the-go life. Its silver diamond plated exterior covers a strong 3/4" plywood construction that is accented by chrome-plated hardware, aluminum trim, and a foam interior that gently but firmly holds your equipment. To that end, along with the case you get mixer width adjustment strips that secure your valuable machine even more.

Inside the case, it's foam-lined with material that will not damage the finish of your mixer. The front panel contains Odyssey's V-cut design that provides easy access to both the controls and in/output jacks. Even the lid is useful since it can be used to add additional elevation if your work table is low or you're excessively tall. The bottom is ventilated for air circulation and heat dissipation and there is also a rear cable porthole for easy cable management. Odyssey backs up the case with its limited lifetime warranty.

Meets ATA specifications for shipping
The lid of the case can be used as a stacking base
Front panel is V-cut to provide easy access to the inputs and controls
For long gigs, there is a ventilation pit on the bottom for heat dissipation
The stacking ball corners provide protection against incidental contact, bumps and abrasions

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