Allen & Heath Xone:23C (2+2 Ch DJ Mixer)

by Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath Xone:23C (2+2 Ch DJ Mixer)

The Allen & Heath XONE:23C - DJ Mixer is designed for professional and home DJ applications such as, a parties or clubs. The mixer features an internal 4 stereo channel 96 kHz 24-bit USB sound card, an enhanced version of Allen and Heath's Xone voltage controlled filter system with resonance control, a 3-band total kill EQ per side, VCA faders, illuminated switches, styling from the flagship DB4 DJ mixer, and a user upgradeable crossfader with curve selector.

For I/O, the mixer includes two pairs of RCA line inputs and two pairs of RCA phono inputs. Though the mixer has two faders, each of the four inputs has an independent level control to enable playing up to four simultaneous sources in the mix. It also features dedicated stereo send and return channels for integrating external effects units. The front panel of the unit includes a balanced XLR input for connecting a microphone with level, high frequency, and low frequency equalizer controls.

The master outputs are on balanced XLR connectors and the mixer includes a dedicated stereo booth output, as well as a dedicated stereo record out for capturing your mixes to a portable recorder. An 1/8" and a 1/4" headphone connector enable cueing with a wide variety of DJ headphones.

For control, the front panel of the mixer features gain knobs for all four channels. The four inputs are slit into left and right sides, each with a 9-segment LED light meter, separate high, mid, and low frequency total kill EQ knobs, a VCA channel fader, illuminated cue button, and an illuminated button to engage the filter on that side. The center section includes an illuminated button for engaging the external effects send/return, an illuminated button for engaging a high pass filter, an illuminated button for engaging the low pass filter, a frequency selector knob for the filter, and a VCA resonance control knob from mild to wild.

The crossfader features a switchable curve for mixing or scratching. As an option, the user can replace the stock crossfader with Allen and Heath's high end Innofader for enhanced performance (sold separately).


Internal Sound Card

Provides 4 stereo channels of 96 kHz 24-Bit digital to analog conversion of music from your computer via USB.


Provides voltage controlled low and high pass filters with frequency and resonance control.

External FX Loop

Enables send and return connection to external effects processor with the push of a button.

Crossfader Curve Selector

Switches curves between modes dedicated to mixing and scratching.

Upgradeable Crossfader

Allows for user to purchase and install an Allen and Heath Innofader for enhanced crossfader performance.

Input Level Control

Enables simultaneous mixing of all four inputs

Headphone Output

Provides 1/8" and 1/4" jacks for connecting to a variety of DJ headphones

Record Output

Enables recording DJ mixes to external recorders

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